Fiber Art Classes


Are you interested in learning new fiber art skills or do you need help with a project?

I offer individualized project based lessons, consultations, and support in: sewing, felting, and weaving one-on-one in person at Charon Arts and online via Zoom.

Students are encouraged to pick a project that interests them and I will guide them through the project start to finish, teaching the skills needed to complete it as they go. Weekly lessons or sporadic support are available.

More information about each process including project ideas can be found below. I also encourage interdisciplinary work so let me know if you are interested in learning about combining processes.

Email to set up your personalized fiber arts instruction - what projects or processes are you interested in learning? I look forward to helping you develop your skills to express your unique creative voice.

Some Logistical Notes:

In person students must wear masks and will be provided with a socially distanced work space.

I hope to offer in person group workshops later this year depending on covid-19 restrictions. Virtual group classes or workshops may be possible by request, please reach out with any inquiries.

Charon Arts is a unique studio space and is shared with two other artists, Martin Bridge- painting, and Leah Caldieri- tattooing. They may be working in the studio at the same time as your lesson including with tattoo clients. We want to provide a comfortable environment and have privacy screens available as needed. However, please be aware that sound and conversation can be heard across the space as it is one open room.

Image on Right: Quilting and weaving students working in shared fiber art studio, 2018