About Talia


Who are you?
Hi, I'm Talia Lefton, a fiber artist and teacher.

What is fiber art?
Fiber art encompasses a broad category of art and craft that is made from cloth or other types of plant or animal fibers, such as wool from a sheep. Fiber art includes processes such as weaving, sewing, felting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, and many more.

What do you make?
My favorite things to make are creatures, and vessels. I generally use cloth, wool, yarn, and found objects to convey ideas about storytelling, connections with nature, community, and interactivity. I do this through many processes including: felting, sewing, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, and knitting, depending on what I am trying to achieve, what use the item is intended for, what story I am telling.

Is what you make art or craft?
A bit of both? My work already tends to fall somewhere between sculpture and toys by nature of the scale I work at, the soft materials I use, and the associations we have with those materials. Currently I define many of my pieces as “soft sculpture” and leave the rest of the box ticking up to the viewer.

What does your instagram name, amalgam forest, mean?
The Amalgam Forest is my concept of the place where my ideas come from. It is the space in my imagination where stories, colors, patterns, textures, ideas - can roam and mingle and emerge in new forms and combinations. You can consider the creatures who you will see here to be denizens of the Amalgam Forest, translated into our world through my hands and material choices.

Where is your local pickup location?
Local pickup is available at my studio, Charon Arts, 49 Main St Williamsburg, MA 01096. You will need to make an appointment as I do not keep set hours!