Workshops can accommodate groups of up to 10 participants. All supplies and materials to make the project are provided by Talia. Tables and chairs must be provided by the workshop venue. Wet felting workshops also require access to a sink, or hose if outdoors, and a power source for plugging in electric kettles.


Email for booking or to customize a workshop to fit your group's interests!

Felting Workshops - For Adults or Teens 11+

Wet Felted Vessels

In this workshop you will explore using the felting process to create a 3-D form using a resist. This technique can be applied to making many other pouches, vessels, and bases for felted sculptures. You will be guided step-by-step through this process in a tactile experience of material transformation.  At the end of the workshop, you will have a completed felted object and information about additional felting resources to take home.
2 Hours

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Wet Felted Journal Covers

Learn the basics of wet felting as you create a unique (and functional!) journal cover. Using soap and hot water, transform fluffy wool roving into a decorative and durable textile. The journal cover will fit a pocket sized notebook that can be switched out as you fill the pages with your ideas.
2 Hours


Needle Felting Animal Ornaments

Create a unique needle felted ornament inside a hanging glass terrarium sphere. Learn the process to needle felt a tiny woodland animal living in a miniature felted world. In this beginner friendly class you will learn how simple shapes can be assembled into an adorable animal. Follow along step by step to make one of the sample animals or work from your own imagination!
2 hours

Wet Felted Zipper Pouches
In this workshop you will learn how to use a resist to wet felt a durable pouch. You can design your item to be flat, like a wallet, or a more three dimensional pod shape. We'll sew on zippers at the end with a little hand sewing.
2.5 hours
Wet Felted Lanterns
Wool felt can be made to let light shine through in a beautiful diffused way. You will learn how to use a resist to create a felted form that is sturdy enough to hold its shape but still thin enough to allow light from an electric candle to glow through.
2 Hours

Felting Workshops - For Kids + Families

Needle Felted Dragon Hatchlings

Age groups: Kids Ages 8+

Learn how to use felt fabric and needle felting to craft a dragon small enough to fit inside its own plastic egg. You will have your very own pet dragon that's pocket sized and ready for adventures!
1.5 hours

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Wet Felted Heart, Star, and Butterfly Ornaments

Age groups: Parent and Child Ages 4-6, Kids 7+ can participate solo

Learn how to wet felt different shaped ornaments: a heart, star, butterfly, and even some wool beads. Thread them together and create colorful, unique oraments to decorate your space or give as gifts!
1.5 hours

(A parent and child pair is counted as 1 participant)