Puff Pod – Amethyst

9” tall, 4.5” wide

Upcycled/repurposed upholstery fabric samples
Hand embroidered face details with 100% wool yarn
Polyester stuffing

Decorative, textural, whimsical, one of a kind, soft sculpture.

Made from unique combinations of textural and patterned fabrics, no two are the same.
Puff pods are comforting and friendly creatures. The puff pod’s natural habitat is wooded areas and they will create nests and burrows among mossy tree roots. However, puff pods also easily adapt to living rooms, bedside tables, and other cozy spaces. They will live happily surrounded by art, special rocks, and other items that bring you joy.

This handmade item has not been safety tested and is not intended to be a toy for young children or pets. Please do not chew upon your Puff Pod.

Spot clean with cool water and gentle detergent or dry clean only.


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