Intro to Felting Class Series – March/April

3 Wednesdays, March 29th, April 5th, 12th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm 

Explore wet felting and needle felting in a 3 week class series. Felting is the process of interlocking or matting wool fibers to create a non-woven textile.

These can be taken as a separate workshops, however they can also be taken as a cumulative course where each week will build on the last.

All Materials Included

Week 1: Wet Felting Journal Covers -$40

Learn the basics of wet felting as you create a unique (and functional!) journal cover. Using soap and hot water, transform fluffy wool roving into a decorative and durable textile. The journal cover will fit a pocket sized notebook that can be switched out as you fill the pages with your ideas.

Week 2: Wet Felting Vessels -$40

This beginner friendly wet felting workshop is an introduction to felting 3-D forms. In this workshop you will explore using the felting process to create a 3-D form using a resist. This technique can be applied to making many other pouches, vessels, and bases for felted sculptures. You will be guided step-by-step through this process in a tactile experience of material transformation.

Week 3: Intro to Sculptural Needle Felting -$40

Learn the process of needle felting and how it can be used to create expressive, sculptural works representing almost anything you can imagine. You will practice through making a small animal, creating simple shapes and connecting them. You will also begin to explore how different types and preparations of wool fiber can be used and will see examples of how to use a wire armature to provide structure.

Location: Charon Arts, 49 Main St, Williamsburg, MA (Search for Williamsburg Hardware Store in Google Maps)


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